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I have a few books in the works. 


Myth - Daughters of Dragons trilogy, Book one
A young adult modern fantasy
Alexandra (Alex) Price knows that other people can’t talk to dragons. Most people don’t even know they are real. But the women in her family have protected them for eons; which would be cool if the last fire-breathing dragon hadn’t died almost one hundred years ago.
But on her 18th birthday, her dreams of college and a normal life are shattered when she becomes the guardian of a dragon egg due to hatch in six weeks. Thrust into an ancient conflict she didn’t know existed, Alex must escape fr0m the self-appointed Goddess Liah and her sons, the Druids. Fighting for her life she discovers what she is truly capable of, and that she is willing to sacrifice herself to protect those she loves.
A young adult crime drama

​Nancy Drew meets Dexter.


More to come.

Legacy -
A young adult modern fantasy

A young man's struggle to find a stolen family relic and restore himself to power.

More to come.

Skins -
A young adult modern fantasy

A new take on the legend of Selkies.


More to come​.

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