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About Me

I'm awesome and amazing! That's what my kids say, sometimes ... 

when they don't hate me.

Some Random Facts
  1. My full name is Mari Ellen Hotchkiss (Mari E.) How often do you think I get called Marie? My name is pronounced Mar-E.

  2. As a kid, I was a tomboy. I still am. Sometimes I like to get dressed up. 

  3. I was Home Schooled between second grade and my freshman year in high school.

  4. I earned a soccer scholarship to Portland State University, so I moved to PDX from Whidbey Island Washington. I have been here ever since.

  5. I'm the mom of four wonderful writing distractions (all boys, I know, I think I'm crazy too.) Q - 12, M - 9, D - 4, and T - 1. 

  6. I have a degree in Drawing, Painting, and Print Making. I use it ... sometimes. 

  7. As a child, I was going to be a Nature Photographer, Marine Biologist, and Olympic soccer player. 

  8. My Favorite Ice cream flavor is chocolate with salted caramel!

  9. My pregnancy craving was watermelon I ate it until it came out my ears. Now all my boys are watermelon hogs.

  10. I met my husband in class sophomore year of college and never looked back. It's a cute story. Maybe I'll write about it someday.

  11. Things that get me excited: A good book, a new podcast, really good food, alone time. Pooping by myself, Because no one in my family, including my husband, can be without me for a minute!

That's all for now - Mari

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